2023 Copa del Rey NFT EVENT

2023.04.05(WED) 10:00 - 04.19(WED) 23:59

Certification Period : 2023.04.20(THU) 00:10 - 2023.04.26(WED) 23:59 [Spanish Time]

Event Details

· Entry is granted by purchasing the "2023 Copa del Rey Semi-Finals NFT Special Edition" NFT during the event period, and you may win if you meet the criteria.

· In the case of MOM (Man of the Match), the player will be determined through the company's precise data analysis and will be revealed on 4/6.

· The condition of "N'th traded NFT" will be stored in a decentralized repository, and N will be disclosed on this site at 4.19

How to apply for a winner's prize

· Once the event period is over, NFT owners must visit this page and transfer their owned NFT to the company's virtual wallet.

· After completing the NFT ownership authentication according to the instructions, the prize draw entry will be completed, and you must enter your email information to receive the prize.

· Once the ownership authentication is completed and the email address is entered, a digital e-ticket will be sent to the respective email within 1 week.

MVP player's NFT

23.05.06 Copa del Rey Finals VIP Ticket

N'th traded NFT

23.05.06 Copa del Rey Finals VIP Ticket